The Death of the Thong ...

Hark! The underwear gods have spoken. If a recent article by Cosmo is to be believed, the thong trend seems to be reaching its end as the more comfortable boy shorts take over. For what it's worth, it was a life well lived!

The thong emmerged some 3 decades ago when fitness suddenly became important and women started to wear tighter, more revealing clothes and needed something to eliminate the dreaded visible panty line or VPL. It slowly became a rage when everyone from runway models to celebrities to popstars (remember Britney in her rhinestone thong at the 2000 VMA's) were seen strutting their stuff in these itsy bitsy pieces of fabric. But alas, with every rise, comes a fall. The main reason behind the popularity of the thong went to the dogs when a new alternative popped up: NVPLs or undies with no visible panty lines available in all kinds of styles, made of ultrathin fabric and cut with a laser making it practically invisible even under the tightest of skirts and dresses. Exactly why recent industry studies show that the thong is slowly going out of style as boyshorts become more popular. Owners of lingerie stores say that boyshorts are their fastestselling item and most women swear that their men love them! A win-win situation for everyone considering that boyshorts are more forgiving of your shortcomings and make your butt look fab and are definitely more comfy. No more wedgies!

She says: My mom always called this a poor excuse of an underwear but I for one, love my thongs! Sure, it's uncomfortable in the beginning but once you get used to it you hardly even notice it...much like contact lenses. I don't care what Cosmo or anyone else says, I will never get over them. Don't get me wrong, I love my boyshorts but when it comes to that tight party dress, I don't trust anything but my thong!

He says: Hmmm this is like asking a kid if he prefers chocolates or ice-cream. Sure every kid will have his/her own favorite between the two, but give them either and that's the happiest you'd see him :D

So what do you think of the supposed death of the thong? Do you think your lingerie cupboard is incomplete without them or are you more than happy switching to boyshorts?


Top Photo Credit: candinski

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