The Case of the Stolen Slippers


One of four pairs of ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard Of Oz have been stolen! Apparently, the sequined heels have been missing since mid 2005, and no thief has yet to be apprehended. The shoes, while insured for $1 million, were valued only at $666,000 based on the last known sale of a pair in 2000. Snarky media doctrinaires, Gawker, had to weigh in on the subject. Who do they think is behind the heist? The gays.

“There are people all over the country obsessed with these slippers, an underground world more than I ever imagined,” said police officer Gene Bennet. In fact, there are people so obsessed, they’ve formed the Ruby Slippers Fan Club.

Oh dear. This seems like it’s getting out of hand. Why not just buy a pair of knock offs and get over it? Three clicks isn’t going to bring the slippers (or the thief) home this time!

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