The Benefits of Pilates


Developed by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, Contrology or Pilates has enjoyed immense popularity when it was first introduced to exercise enthusiasts – and it hasn't stopped since then.

The principle behind Pilates is to use the mind to control the muscles. Here a link from MSN health and fitness which features 6 intense and graceful Pilates power moves including the scissor move, the seated side twist with triceps, double leg X, the breaststroke starfish extension and the hundred.

So what are the benefits of Pilates exercises? Take a look:

β€’ First, it promotes body awareness.

β€’ It gives you a series of exercise to develop a stronger core.

β€’ It teaches you body control.

However, experts say that Pilates is not for everyone, especially to those who are experiencing acute or chronic back pain.

Photo Credit: Pilates Firenze

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