The All-in-One Bathing Brush Makes Bath Time Pleasant Again


Bath time should be a lot of things: relaxing, fun, enjoyable, and overall pleasant. Sadly, it's usually very few of those things. It's hard to keep everything out of baby's hands, and of course they want to get into everything they see. That can be trcky when you're dealing with washcloths, soaps, shampoos, and all the other cleaning products most of us have sitting around our bath tubs. Normally I'm skeptical of all-in-one products, but I do think there is a place for the Comfort Care All-in-One Bathing Brush. It has a soft sponge and a soap dispenser for tiny bodies, as well as a brush for their hair. And with Jess's love of Luke's long locks, we have a LOT of young hair in the house. This is a great tool to keep your bathtime organized, and some of the older members of the house have admitted to using it as well. I'm not naming names. [...]