The $1.63 Million Diamond and Platinum Handbag


Thought a Jimmy Choo was a splurge, or that a Balenciaga would hit your wallet hard? Wait till the hubby gets a wind of this handbag; the $1.63 Million Diamond and Platinum handbag, by jewelry maker GinzaTanaka of Tokyo. Its made out of brushed platinum mounted with 2,182 diamonds (totaling a whooping 208 carats!), an ornate drop design surrounding a stunning solitaire, and sparkling jewels falling like rain. I have to admit, though, the recent outcry regarding blood diamods makes me extremely wary when spotting extremely blatant, useless opulence such as this. I'm all for gifting your beloved with diamond baubles 'cos it means something special, but this handbag will likely sit in a vault for all eternity and eventually end up in a museum glass case, never having seen the light of day. Even a crocodile-diamond Hermes will probably get more use than one of these.

[Source, Image: Luxist]

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