That Human Touch


Dom Trapp a designer from Nice in the South of France (lucky him) invited me to be linked with him at Linkedin the other day. Off I went to take a look at his profile and found his company Human Touch and am I pleased I did. Look at those gorgeous Boo Sketch Books - I want a shelf full.

Now for the Quad - Quad is a modular and decorative storage system. It evolves with your needs and changes shape according to your wishes.

A bookcase, a night table, a stool, a column of bathroom storage, a coffee table... The Quad fits together to suit your needs.

You can easily change the composition, add or remove blocks at any time, without tools.

Each piece comes from a single sheet of metal cut, folded with precision and lacquered in the oven.

Quad is designed in the preservation of Nature and Natural Resources. Quad is made of steel a 100% recyclable material. Quad is designed to be durable and multifunctional.

Dom wrote that for me - bless him.

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