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So many celebrities are wearing one-shoulder dresses. It's very flattering for everyone especially since almost everyone has nice shoulders. These dresses look good with thick straps or thin ones. So flaunt those shoulders!
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Product of the Week:

The product of the week is Khoret Amen Hair Oil by Carol's Daughter. Carol's Daughter is one of my favorite body care lines. The Khoret Amen Hair Oil is the first product that I've used from this body care collection. The hair oil includes olive oil blended with lavender, sage, and other essential oils that are good for hair and skin. I must admit that I am not too fond of the smell. It's scent is very earthy. My husband hates it.

One the other hand, it did awesome things for my hair. It made my hair sooo soft and shiny and very healthy looking. I used it as a hot oil treatment, just like the site recommends, and when I wrapped my hair at night. But just like the Tui Hair Oil, use sparingly or your hair get's too oily.

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