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10 Ways to Prepare for a Move ...

By Kati

Moving house is always stressful, but there are ways to make it run as smoothly as possible and minimize disruptions. Now that the economy is recovering it's one of the best times to move, and if you are planning it, here are the best ways to prepare...

Table of contents:

  1. protect the houses
  2. heavy things first
  3. hide anything embarrassing
  4. put the kettle on
  5. label boxes
  6. vacuum last
  7. hide valuable items
  8. have a clear out
  9. make sure you are ready
  10. say goodbye

1 Protect the Houses

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You don’t want either your old or your new house being damaged, so protect any corners or strange turnings with sellotape, bubblewrap and anything else you can find. You wouldn’t believe the damage just bumping things against the wall can cause!

2 Heavy Things First

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Put heavy furniture and boxes outside. These need to go into the moving van first, so putting them out means moving is faster, and much easier then the delivery men trying to work out what needs to be moved first!

3 Hide Anything Embarrassing

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The last thing you want is any sexy underwear or toys falling out of an open box, so make sure anything private is hidden away in a secure box.

4 Put the Kettle on

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The removal men have to work hard, and are more likely to do the best job possible for you if you are nice to them too! Put the kettle on and let them have a drink. It’ll be worth it!

5 Label Boxes

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Write on the top of each box which room it is for, in big black letters. This will help you and the delivery men to move everything in fast and organized, and stop you from losing things!

6 Vacuum Last

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Leave the hovering for last, in both houses. Once everyone has walked in and out several times, there will be dirt and dust everywhere, which will need hovering again. Wait until it’s all done, and save yourself the effort!

7 Hide Valuable Items

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Most people are honest, and wouldn’t touch your valuables, but there is always someone who doesn’t have those morals. Hide anything valuable and make sure it is secure, to save yourself the worry.

8 Have a Clear out

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Throw out anything you don’t like, don’t use and don’t need. There is no points taking clutter from one house to another, so use the job of packing everything to clear some things out. It’ll be well worth it! Consider Ebay or Freecycle, if it’s in good working order.

9 Make Sure You Are Ready

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Make sure you have all the keys to your new house, and any documents you might need during moving. Keep these in a folder in your bag or the front of your car, so that you can’t forget. Check the moving in date one last time!

10 Say Goodbye

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Have a last cup of tea, and say goodbye to the neighbours. Leave a forwarding address if somebody is willing to redirect your mail, and check that you have locked all the windows and doors and taken everything!

Moving house is never going to be stress free, but using these tips can make it a lot more straight forward, and less confusing! Make a plan, and you should be all moved within a day, and happily settling in to your new house. And looking forward to buying new accessories! Have you got a tip that makes moving much less stressful? Please let me know!

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