7 Tasty Things to Add to Your Coffee ...

Oh, coffee, the elixir of life! I love coffee, even more than I love tacos. I dream about coffee, more than I ever did about Brad Pitt or finding a boyfriend as magnificent as Jake from โ€œSixteen Candles.โ€ I especially adore adding things to my coffee to make it tastier, and if you, my dear, are a coffee-lover too, keep reading! Here are 7 tasty things to add to your coffeeโ€ฆ yum!

1. Flavored Creamer

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Photo Credit: aisleate.com
Coffee-Mate makes more than a dozen yummy flavors of non-dairy creamer to add to your coffee, but my favorite is the Chocolate Cream or the French Vanilla. Iโ€™ve even added Coffee-Mate on Facebook so I can be aware when they make special seasonal or new flavors.

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