Take Time out for YOU ...

By Amanda Bennett

Everybody needs a few minutes a day to relax and decompress. ESPECIALLY a stay at home parent. It can some times be a little difficult to make time or even remember to make time for yourself each day, but you must find a way!!! Weather it’s reading the morning paper while sipping a cup of coffee, retail therapy, a long afternoon stroll(while the kids are in school) or taking a candle lit bubble bath at the end of the night!! Being a Parent is sometimes a pretty thank less job, so it’s up to you to thank yourself.

Take advantage of nap time once a week, and spend those 2 hours eating treats and watching a movie you rented just for you, or your favorite TV show.

For some reason us stay at home parents seem to feel guilty when we’re not with our children, and doing some thing for ourselves. It is OK to be out for the night and not be missing your children,lol. My son was only 3 weeks old when I left him with my dad for the first time. I went to a gathering at a friends house to have a few drinks. There were a few ladies there that asked “How can you leave him so soon, don’t you miss him” and I replied NOPE, without feeling even a little bit guilty.(**and my son is My life**) They seemed shocked with my response. It’s not healthy to be so wrapped up in your kids that you have anxiety when you’re not with them. (I know a few like that,lol) ENJOY your baby free time, it can be hard to come by,lol.

Be sure to set aside some “ME” time at the very least one night every other week, to get out of the house and do something YOU enjoy. Go have coffee or dinner with a friend, or partner, go to a movie, go shopping(for yourself) Get some ice cream and take a long walk. Make those few hours you have to yourself ALL about YOU,lol!!!

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