Take Spy Photos with This Vintage Locket ...

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Do you ever have fantasies of being a secret agent -- discretely photographing fellow revelers at swanky events with your cleverly disguised camera? Thanks to a surprisingly stylish new device from Kodak, now your dreams can be reality!

Designer Lindsey Pickett has created the 1881 -- digital camera that looks like a vintage locket. Says Pickett: "Inspired by the emotional connection and careful framing of locket photos, 1881 strives to create a more precious medium through which to share your memories, whether at home or on the street."

It should be noted, that just because you're surreptitiously taking photos of your friends, you're not necessarily a spy. On the other hand, for the camera also serves a more straightforward function for the sentimental among you -- displaying your images like locket photos of yore. Using an LCD screen viewable whenever you open the locket, you can keep loved ones close to your heart -- just like all your favorite Jane Austen characters.

Now we just need a guys' version made to look like a serious piece of bling.
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