T-post Tee Shirt News Subscription Service


For news and current affairs aficionados T-post have come up with a brilliant idea. Pay a subscription fee and every six weeks you will receive a t-shirt with a design based on a current news story; you'll also have the news story behind the design printed on the inside of the t-shirt. T-post say 'You may not always hear about your T-post's story from the traditional news media but in our opinion you should have.' My favourite T-post tee from the archives is the Nov 05 issue, 'Lilian Thurem Condemns Handling of Paris Riots'. Nicolas Sarkozy, the French Interior Minister said he would karcherise (violently flush out) the racaille (rabble/scum) of the suburbs during the rioting that occurred in Paris. French football captain Lilian Thuram defended his old neighbourhood by saying "I grew up in the suburbs and I feel very close to those youths, the situtation makes me sick. Nobody is trying to look at the real problems."

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