Swinging London Town

Those crazy London club kids are spawning Style IT’s latest obsession–DirtyDirtyDancing.com. If you are lacking fashion inspiration, sources of amusement or fantastic pictures of interesting people in your life, look no further. Browsing photos from night after night in various clubs such as Boombox and Trailer Trash, you’ll stumble upon people like Pat McGrath and Giles Deacon.

Of course if you just want to pretend you’re in a London hotspot, crawl into your closet, put on some party gear with lots of accessories, and throw on some eyeliner complete with bright lipstick. Don’t forget the soundtrack complete with the likes of Sophie Elis Bextor, Sugababes and the Scissor Sisters.

Style IT wants to know what your favorite pictures are from Dirty Dirty Dancing. Post links in the comments below!

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