Sushify Your Life with This Great Earring and Necklace Set

Now I love a bit of Sushi, be it a sashimi roll or a nigiri salad, partly for the taste, and partly because it just look so good laid out on the plate, with the rice nestling among the vine leaves like little jewels. It almost seems like a shame to eat these delicious creations; well now it seems like the good folk at Shanalogic agree with me. They have created these hand made mini delights, from teriyaki rolls to egg fried rice and placed them between clear glass beads to show them off. The earrings are slices of tekkamakki rolls, and the whole set embodies Japanese chic and cool. For $30 this can all be yours, desert not included. The set comes packaged in a kitsch sushi-to-go box, which only adds to the naughty thrill of purchasing something so frivolous.

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