Supermodel Train Wreck Part Two: Kate Moss


Looks like we aren’t the first to use “train wreck” to describe supermodel turned designer Kate Moss. New York Magazine laid into Moss, calling her “annoyingly fatuous”, asking her to “grow up”, and even slamming her boyfriend/finance Pete Doherty with a “substance-bloated boyfriend” attack. “For God’s sake, Kate, you’re a mother. Grow up, preferably before your daughter.”

It doesn’t appear that times are too easy for Kate right now. While fans and fashionistas alike may be excited for the launch of her collaboration with Topshop, New York Magazine isn’t too excited. “We don’t think her fashion matches the need of the people who actually shop at Topshop.” “They want high fashion for the people, not just stuff for size-0 carb-deprived specimens.” To be fair Moss has recently been spotted partying with The Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto.

In other disappointing Moss news, the model was dropped off FHM’s 100 sexiest women due to her escalating age. Ouch!

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