Summer Sipping Tips

With the weather heating up and the bbq busy grilling, it can be hard to find the perfect wine for summer sipping. Vegetables in winter are usually part of a sauce or as a component in a dish, however in summer we enjoy them in their pure and simple form, lightly grilled or softly dressed. Here are some useful hints to help you select the right wine:• Pair raw vegetables with chilled whites. A white Rioja or Alborino pairs nicely with raw tomatoes and a dry Rose works well with a caprese salad.
• For heartier vegetables like charred peppers or dishes with rich cheeses, opt for a lighter red like a complex Pinot Noir.

• Fresh corn goes nicely with a buttery Chardonnoy or crisp Sauvignon Blanc.

• Experiment! Instead of the popular Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio try an off-dry Reisling or lesser known grape such as a Viognier or Trebbiano.

• For a picnic purchase small wines sold in plastic quarter bottles.

• Don't be snobby about a screw-cap. More and more good quality wines are coming with an easy to open screw cap.

• When in doubt drink bubbly!

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