8 Summer Party Dresses ...

If your summer social calendar looks anything like mine, each weekend is packed with two or three events you just canโ€™t miss โ€” grad parties, baby showers, BBQs, and more! But whatโ€™s a girl to wear? I can help! Here are nearly a dozen summer party dresses, all of them appropriate for warm-weather fun and not one of them an easy-way-out LBD!

1. Rushes and Flags Dress

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Price: $64.99 at modcloth.com
I love the color of this dress! Itโ€™s a lush blue, the color of irises, so it flatters every skin tone. The fabric is gorgeous, too, floaty and light, perfect for catching every summer breeze. Pair with silver shoes and a matching clutch for a night-time look thatโ€™s simple and elegant.

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