Summer of Sandwiches: Dulce De Leche Ice Cream & Choco Covered Graham Cracker Sandwiches

Ever since I ripped the recipe out of Gourmet magazine back in April, I've been dying to make dulce de leche ice cream. Dulce de leche is a South American treat similar to a thick creamy version of caramel. I talked about making it for months and I finally made it this weekend!! It tastes super delicious alone (I had homemade dulce de leche ice cream for dinner 2 nights this week) or smashed between two chocolate covered graham crackers. I took the time to make the ice cream and dulce de leche, but Starbucks helped me out by making the chocolate covered graham crackers. Don't have time or an ice cream maker? Purchase dulce de leche ice cream and serve these as dessert after a Mexican inspired meal. For the recipe and my flipbook style pics,

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