Styleshake - Design Your Own Dress Online!

As if Polyvore wasn't addictive enough, allow me to introduce you to Styleshake. It's a site that literally lets you design your own dress (with a few limitations). First pick a fabric, then design each part of the dress as you go, picking a neckline, waistband, skirt, sleeves and details. Once you've created your dream frock, you can buy it online for £160, or just submit your designs to be rated by the community. The style options vary, but put them all together in the right way and you can create some really funky styles (as well as some very 80s looks - see my red belted dress above!). It's a brand new site, so hopefully they'll be adding new stuff soon (I can't even get the sign up link to work at the mo, but can still design ...

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