Style Battle: Middle East V. Western World ...

I came across this picture on and I was so shocked I forgot to save the source's name...

Just look at these two young women from ****Middle East - what's the first thing that comes to your mind?
Women of the Middle East Shopping:

Repressed? Unhappy? Overruled by men?

I don't think so... They look so fabulous and so confident I swear I wanted to be in their shoes for a moment there!

Those bags, those accessories, those sunglasses, that hot manicure - they actually look much more sophisticated than many and many (and again - many...) women of the "free world"!

Don't you think?
Independent Women of the Western World Shopping:

This made me wonder, if this "freedom" we fought for is so good for us, women, then why we want to look like the women in the first picture?

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