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David Koechner, with The Naked Trucker and T-Bones Show, having just wrapped up on Comedy Central, a DVD in stores now and a starring-role in the upcoming sports comedy The Comebacks, the Saturday Night Live vet is poised to hijack America’s funny bone in a big way.

** How’d [The Naked Trucker and T-Bones Show] come about? **

David Koechner: [David Allen Gruber] was doing a show called the Naked Trucker. He’d worked briefly on SNL when I was there; he did a two-week writing gig. They sometimes had guest writers. At the time I was doing the T-Bones character on the show, so he knew the character. Later on, he and I wound up doing a movie together called Dill Scallion, and he said, “Hey, man, you should do your T-Bones character on the Trucker Show sometime.” So I took that invitation. So I did like five minutes of his 20-minute show as T-Bones, and then the next time I did 10 minutes. Then the next time we did the show, I said, “Hey, man, why don’t I just stay up there the whole time!”

**So you’re going to be in a big movie this summer. Tell us about that. **

Yeah, The Comebacks. It’s my first lead. It’s about the worst coach in the history of sport. He’s the one who distracted Bill Buckner in the ‘86 World Series, he’s the guy that sent the Stanford band onto the field in ‘84 at the Berkeley game, he’s the guy that threw the banana peal on the racetrack at NASCAR for a horrific accident, he told someone to insult Zidane during the World Cup [laughs]. So after all those things he goes on to coach a rag-tag group of college football players.


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