Stretch Marks - Can U Fight Them?

Stretch marks. Who doesn't have them? Almost every girl in your college ( popular or not, skinny or chunky) and all ladies from your office (married or single) as well as that pretty office manager from the 18th floor wearing Gucci suits, have them.

But does it seem to be a good consolation, girlfriend? (especially if you know that the next day you are invited to **a beach/ pool party **or planning your first **striptease experience **with your new boyfriend). Not always, huh?

"Can you remove the stretch marks****?" **is a question we automatically ask when we think about this "stretch marks"word combination: "**Laser treatment? Or may be Chemical ****peeling? Of course, it costs hundreds, but I could save up on ..." and thousands of women start salting away, hoping for a miracle to happen. But does this miracle really happen?

This problem is so new for some of us and so old for others. Personally I **have THEM **for about 7 years. Can't say that it bothers me much now, but from time to time, looking through some fashion magazines that exhibit perfect bodies ( I bet this sounds familiar:) I **feel some sort of discontent **with this minor cosmetic vice and occasionally work out the plan of removing the marks in the nearest future. But the real stimulus for writing this article was my sister's call. Here is what happened:

My younger sister called me the other day and told me in a mysterious depressed tone that there is something
wrong with her and we've got to meet and talk about it in person.

A sixteen year old youngster - not difficult to imagine WHAT thoughts were going through my mind the whole day before we met!

Thanks God, everything turned out to be less dramatic than my imaginative self had elaborated during those few hours of waiting.

The horrible confession I was preparing myself for turned out to into a shameful demonstration of inner tights with a touch of newly appeared stretch marks. It sure brought quite a relief to us both. But nevertheless I decided to search for some info concerning the matter in hope to help my little sister get rid of the unpleasant, although not harmful changes in her body.

The information about stretch marks I found was **surprisingly new **for me, although there was time I was looking in the matter for myself.

So, I consulted medical editions, asked reliable physicians and surgeons about the matter in question and here is what I've found out, ladies!

First, let's clear out:


( the passage is strongly recommended for the new "members" of the club, so that they know what they are dealing with)

So, here we go: **stretch marks result from **tears in middle skin layer which usually occur from excessive skin stretching.

When the body experiences rapid weight gain, such as is experienced during pregnancy, the skins is capable of stretching to accommodate the increase in body volume. Skins has a tremendous amount of elasticity, but at some point, when stretched too far, the deepest internal layers of skin tear leaving the top layers intact. When this occurs the overlying skin takes on a thin, streaky, red or purple appearence. This is what we commonly call stretch marks.

They generally **vary in colors **ranging from light pink to a dark purple. Over time the colors fade but the scars remain visible. Both men and women can be effected. **About 97% of adults have them.

Stretch marks can appear as the result of rapid stretching of the skin such as breast and abdominal enlargement which occurs during **pregnancy. Stretch marks also can occur in children who have gained weight rapidly, as well as during puberty in when the body goes through rapid growth.

Stretch marks are most commonly located in **the breasts, hips, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Stretch marks themselves **are not a health risk.

Is stretch mark removal possible?
There are a few methods that are considered to be the 100% treatment for stretch marks. I have talked to highly qualified experts in the field and here is what they said:

**MYTH # 1 **

Laser Treatment Removes Stretch Marks

BZZZZ! Ladies and Gentlemen, Wrong statement!

Of course, there are some physicians that claim that certain laser treatments will remove stretch marks. But **the jury is still out on this **and a lot more research and testing still needs to be done.

Most plastic surgeons believe that lasers have no value in treating stretch ****marks. They claim that lasers are good for removing and breaking down skin tissues, but there is no proof that they are good for repairing tissue. To date there have been few clinical studies that have actually shown any improvement in stretch marks after laser treatment.

MYTH # 2

Chemical Peels Remove Stretch Marks
BZZZZ! Wrong answer once again!

Chemical peels are just another procedure which has been tried for stretch mark remediation without a tremendous amount of success. This procedure entails painting the skin with acid solution consisting of between 30 percent to 70 percent glycolic acid.

Usually applied by a doctor, the solution is left on your skin for as long as it can be without doing serious damage. Then it is simply washed away with water.

The idea is that **the chemical or acid, will interact with the scar-like tissue of the stretch marks and reduce their severity. The doctor peels off the skin which has been eaten away by the acid and exposes new and healthier skin that lies below. Since stretch marks penetrate deep (to get an exact idea scan read the paragraph WHAT EXACTLY STRETCH MARKS ARE) in the innermost skin layers, a **chemical peel is strictly a cosmetic procedure with marginal effect at best.

Dear ladies, I don't want to sound pessimistic, but a long answer to a short question: Is stretch mark removal possible? At this time I'd have to say "no".

I just want to keep it real so that you don't give your money to sharlatans for something which is not possible so far, it will be much better to award yourself with some nice piece of garment instead ( it always brings the mood up, doesn't it ? :)

But we should always remember that **anything is possible **and that there is a big chance that even tomorrow some clever person will stumble across something and **successfully invent a treatment **that will make us even **more beautiful and desired **than we are!

For those who don't want to wait for Tomorrow and **want to act **now here is a homeopathic treatment I've found. Honestly, I can say nothing about its effectiveness so far ( my sister and I've just started the treatment). But what I can say for sure is that this treatment will pass unnoticed for your budget but will give space for action!

Stretch marks have been around a lot longer than dermatologists have been. Long before going to the doctor was the answer to everything that ails you people used naturals herbs and homeopathic medicines to treat common ailments. Yes, stretch marks affected men and woman even in the jungles and poor parts of the world. Here is **a do-it-yourself treatment **that has been around for ages. Does it work? Many people swear it does. Only you will know if it is right for you.

Get in the pharmacy **a bottle of Castor Oil **and apply a thick layer of the oil on the areas to be protected or treated, and then apply a hot water bottle or heating pad which have been wrapped in a piece of plastic food wrap directly on the treated area for about 20 minutes. Repeat this treatment every other day. You may leave the heat applied for up to 45 minutes, if you like, but make sure that the hot water or heating pad does not burn the skin.

**Many Asian and African women **have long applied a daily treatment of castor oil to their breasts, thighs and stomach, during pregnancy, and claim that they have come **through ****pregnancy with little or no stretch mark damage **( make sure to do the same while your pregnancy :)

Castor oil **has also been shown **to prevent and treat skin wrinkles, to lighten age spots, and to reduce the effects of stretch marks.

Well, looks like that's it!
Personally I'll try to go on with the treatment (there are no options so far, anyway:). And as soon as changes appear I'll sure let you know! And I'll really appreciate if those of you who also decide to act give some feedback **if there are or there aren't **results in your personal struggle for perfection! So well, girls! **Good luck! **

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