Street Fashion Photographer Nearly Arrested!

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The last two years have seen a seemingly endless stream of new street fashion blogs 'round the interweb. By far the most respectable one of the bunch is The Sartorialist, based in NYC. He was already a runway fashion photog before he started snapping photos of "inspiring" looks on the streets of New York, Paris, London, or wherever else he happens to go for work, and it shows -- the man has a great eye.

Recently, The Sartorialist was in Antwerp, where he was almost arrested! It's not like he was covertly snapping photos of Belgium's secretly documents (or whatever) -- but merely crossing the street. Used to the pedestrian free-for-all of NYC, The Sartorialist crossed the street against a "No Walk" sign, which led to an on-the-street interrogation by local authorities, demands for his passport, and a policeman who was "so mad he was shaking."

Whoa. Note to fashion photogs -- keep your eyes peeled in Belgium. They're gunnin' for ya.
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