Your Man Will Beg 🤗 for These 17 Foreplay Tips 📖 ...

1. Kiss Him

A simple make-out session sounds boring, but it's the best form of foreplay. The more kisses, the merrier.

2. Give Him a Massage

After a long day, a massage is the perfect way to relax him. The feeling of your hands against his skin is sure to get him excited.

3. Feed Each Other Food

This doesn't sound sensual, but it certainly can be. If you lick some chocolate sauce from off of his fingers, he'll be eager for you to lick the rest of his body.

4. Change in Front of Him

All you have to do is strip down in front of him and he'll be so impressed by your body that he'll be dying to sleep with you.

5. Dirty Talk

If you whisper the right things in his ear, he'll be putty in your hands.

6. Watch a Sexy Movie Together

Find a romantic comedy with some steamy sex scenes. That should get him going.

7. Sit on His Lap

If you're just lounging around watching TV together, sit on his lap instead of sitting next to him. It's the quickest way to get his mind on other things.

8. Touch Him below the Belt

This is the simplest form of foreplay. If you want to get him in the mood, go straight for the gold.

9. Play Sexual Board Games

You don't have to stick to playing Monopoly every single night. There are plenty of board games you can buy that are meant for couples. They'll keep your sex life spicy.

10. Shower Together

If you both have to wash up anyway, you might as well hop in the shower together. When he sees your body wet and lathered with soap, only one thing will be on his mind.

11. Buy Him a Gift

Buying him a gift will show him how much you care about him. When you remind him of how much you love him, he won't be able to keep his hands off of you.

12. Dance Together

You two can slow dance in your living room or turn on some rap and twerk to it. Do whatever you think will turn him on.

13. Wear Lingerie

If you want to feel sexy while looking sexy, lingerie is your best bet. There are plenty of different styles of it you can buy, so you won't have to feel like the star of an adult movie.

14. Send Sexy Pictures

You don't have to send him nudes. Just take a few hot shots of yourself in front of the mirror. He'll be happy with whatever you give him.

15. Do a Strip Tease

Instead of just ripping your clothes off for him, turn it into a show. The longer it takes you to undress, the more excited he'll become.

16. Cook for Him

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. If you want to get him in the mood, whip up a snack for him and watch him melt right in front of you.

17. Cuddle

No, you don't have to wait until after sex to cuddle. It's a great form of foreplay, so try doing it before intercourse for a change! There's no excuse for skipping out on foreplay when there are so many different activities you could try. What's your favorite type of foreplay from off of this list? Please vote and rank this list
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