WooBox Art - Wooden Wall Art from Ukraine to Transform Your Home ...

1. What Is WoodBox?

WooBox Art mosaics is a unique photo constructor that allows you to turn your photos into pixel art pictures and assemble them in mosaics made of natural wood! Upload your photo to Woobox specially created web application and get the pattern for assembling it into real wooden art!  Create the image of you, your friends, your family or choose a classical option … Let your imagination run wild  - our web app will give you a multitude of choices!
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2. How It Works?

Mosaics assembling process is a true pleasure: our mosaic bricks are made of 5 types of natural wood, have perfect smooth texture without gaps or splinters. When creating your wall art, you will definitely be surprised by the natural hues of the wood, it's natural texture and earthy aroma, because Woobox mosaics are made in the most natural way – without the use of lacquer finish or chemical coloring.Use your assembled picture as a gorgeous wall decor in your house.The installation is so easy! Assembled pictures can be easily placed on the wall with double-sided tape included with the product. 

3. Endless Art Factor

Got tired of the assembled picture?! No problem! Woobox mosaics are endless wood art! At any time you can re-assemble your pictures into new ones! The number of options is unlimited!

4. Choose Your Style

Go ahead and select the size of your wall picture from 3 size options: S (20*20”), M (20*30”) and L (30*30”). Natural oak wooden frames are available to take your assembled picture to the next level.Woobox mosaics will become a stunning gift for home décor or a wonderful purchase for DIY enthusiasts, but also it will amaze the ones, who understand the importance of sustainability.  

5. Sustainability

While using the wood cut down as a part of the regular cleaning of the Carpathian National Reserve, the company is planting new trees in the Ukrainian Mountains instead - the exact amount to match the ones that have been used to produce the art sets. In addition, Woobox products are not just a  new innovative business! The company started its manufacturing when its wonderful home country Ukraine was being under attack by the Russian aggressor. Starting with Art mosaics they aim to provide jobs to refugees who’ve fled to the Western regions of Ukraine, saving their lives. Designing these  products, they are dreaming of a new life, as beautiful, peaceful and meaningful as life is supposed to be. Ordering their products, you donate to restore Ukrainian economy, to create new working places and to inspire Ukrainian small businesses to dream big.Take action today – order a high quality, innovative, sustainable wood wall art and help Ukraine!
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