7 Ways to Ask Him out 😘 if You're Bold Enough πŸ’₯ to Make the First ☝🏼 Move ...

1. Casually Mention It in Conversation

If you've been dying to see a certain movie, casually mention it in conversation. If he says that he'd like to see the movie too, then ask him if he'd like to go with you. That way, it won't seem like you were planning on asking him out. It'll feel like it just occurred naturally.

2. Snapchat Him

Send him a picture of a bottle of wine and a DVD. Caption it with something like "busy tonight?" If he likes you, then he's going to give you an answer pretty quickly. And if he turns you down, you can always pretend that you sent the same photo to multiple people. That way, the rejection won't feel as harsh.

3. Text Him at the Last Second

It's better to ask him out in person, but since technology is all the rage nowadays, it can't hurt to ask him out over text. All you have to do is send him a message asking what his plans are for the night. He'll get the hint. That means you might not even have to ask him out. He'll do it for you.

4. Tell Him What You're Doing

If you're super confident that he'll want to go out with you, then you don't even have to ask him the question. Just hand him concert tickets and tell him that he's taking you, and then tell him what time to pick you up. Most men would be turned on by a bold move like that, because it's not something they see everyday.

5. Plan a Double Date

If you're worried about hanging out with him one-on-one, then you don't have to. You can ask him out on a double date instead. If you want to sound super casual about it, you can tell him that your couple friends want to hang out, but you don't want to be the third wheel. That way, you can make it seem like he's saving you from an awkward night by being your date.

6. Ask Him to an Event

If prom is coming up, you can ask him if he has a date for it. If he says no, then you can ask him to go with you. If you two are already friends and are used to hanging out, then you can even ask him to be your wedding date or your date for a family party.

7. Make It Clear It’s a Date

You don't want to ask him to "hang out." If you do that, then the night is going to be confusing for the both of you. He won't know if you were actually asking him on a date or if you just wanted to hang out as friends. Since he won't know what he said "yes" to, that means you won't know how he feels about you, either. Save yourselves some trouble by making it clear you're asking him out on a date. You don't have to wait for your crush to make the first move. You can do it yourself! Are you ready to ask out your crush?

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