7 Awesome Ways βœ… Fitness Trackers πŸ“ˆ Motivate Girls πŸ‘ΈWho Want a Better Body πŸ‹οΈ ...

1. Set Your Own Daily Goals

Set daily goals in the amount of calories and steps for each day. Set your goal at a slightly higher pace then what you normally do so you can push yourself. If you have a tracker that syncs to your phone you can check in to see just how you are doing and even set a vibration alarm when you reach your goal. So be prepared to be pushed!

2. Create Challenges with Your Friends

Create challenges with your friends so you can inspire one another. There are numerous challenges you can do like Weekend Warriors where you compete to get the most steps over the weekend or even daily step challenges. So step to the challenge! Fit girls push their friends so they can motivate themselves in the process!

3. Reward Your Daily Achievements

Reward your daily achievements by putting $5 in a jar every day you step to it. In a matter of a week you will have $35 to spend on new fitness wear to help you get in your best shape. And I promise you will get in your best shape in no time. You got this!

4. Get Social

Get on social media and share your results. Fit girls share their achievements not to brag but to inspire the world around them. Pay it forward and let friends be aware of the results you are achieving. One share can help countless lives get off the coach and get moving!

5. Focus on Activity Minutes Not Just Steps

If you have a fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor you can track your activity minutes not just your steps. Activity minutes are minutes where your heart rate is raised in either fat burn or cardio mode. Why is this important? Let’s face it, you can have a ton of steps from walking at Disney but that does not mean you will lose weight, especially if this is slow stepping. Make sure you push yourself and get active!

6. Try Not to Take It off

If you take your fitness tracker off you can easily forget to put it back on. And this will really stink if you forget before your afternoon run. The less you take off your tracker, the better off you will be because girl, this can be great motivation to you, that is, if you allow it to be! So only take it off when charging!

7. Track You Sleep

Unless you are charging your tracker, wear this device at night to track your sleep. An integral part of weight loss is ensuring you get adequate sleep. So wear your device as you doze off to a nights’ sleep and the next day you can see confirmation that you actually sleep rather than tossed and turned. This will help your body to function at its best and help you to meet your goals! So fit girl if you want to get in your best shape, make sure you use your tracker to get in shape and stick to it. Every day you choose who you want to be. If you want to be fit and get in super shape, step to the challenge and push yourself on the daily! You can use your tracker to help you get in your best shape!

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