Warning Signs 🚨 You Need to Look for πŸ‘€ if You Think Your Boyfriend πŸ’‘ is Trash πŸ—‘ ...

1. He Uses Your Relationship as an Excuse Not to Hurt HImself

Far too many times I've heard stories of men who threaten to hurt themselves (or even others) if their girlfriends break up with them. This is abuse, pure and simple. It's manipulative BS that is meant to guilt you into feeling culpable for his own bad decisions. It's a way to control you so you never leave. Teen boys do this. Grown men do this. No matter who does it, your boyfriend is trash for it. Be safe, don't fall for it.

2. He Straight up Acts like He Owns Your Body

Okay, maybe he's not literally writing his name all over it, but he might as well. If he's not making a fuss over what you wear, he's saying rude things about your body, sometimes under the guise of just "helping." Yeah, telling your girlfriend she could do some squats so she can look like an Instagram baddie isn't helpful.

3. He Pretends You're Invisible when He's around His Friends

One of the biggest red flags that your boyfriend is trash is when he treats you special in private, but totally acts like you're of no consequence to him in public. He'll send you all sorts of cute texts, but he pretends you don't exist whenever you pass each other in the hallway. Never humor someone who is embarrassed to be seen with you in public, and never agree to be their girlfriend. They're trash, and just because they're sweet half the time doesn't negate that fact.

4. He Always Clowns Things You're Passionate about

Whether it's feminism or Drake, your boyfriend is always--and I mean always--clowning you about things you care about. It might come across as harmless jokes a first, but if it feels considerably less jokey and more nasty, that's a bad sign. People truly can mask some nasty personality traits by wrapping it up in a "I'm just playing around" package. But the things you care about don't deserve to always be the butt of a joke. That's just rude.

5. He is a Chronic 'Well, Actually"-er

Some people are natural know-it-alls. Hell, you might be one of them. But it's so annoying to date one who has absolutely no chill about making every little thing you say, do, or think into a "well, actually" moment. Dudes feel particularly inclined to do this, because they've been socialized to believe that they're inherently more intelligent, more reasonable, and less emotional than women are. While a BF who does this a lot might just lack self-awareness, don't hesitate to call him out on it. If he doesn't see anything wrong with constantly coming across as condescending, that's a big problem...a problem you shouldn't have to put up with.

6. He's Weird about Your Social Life

A few days ago on Twitter, I saw some screenshots from an between a guy and his girlfriend. The girlfriend straight up texted the boyfriend and asked if it was okay for her to say "thank you" in response to a man who said "bless you" after she sneezed. After some consideration (literally, asking what the man looked like), the boyfriend decided it wasn't okay for her to thank him. Now, I really hope that that was somehow fake, or a really bad joke, but I'm skeptical because there are so many real instances of boyfriends being disgustingly concerned about their girlfriend's social lives. Girlfriend wants to go to a party? Has to check with bae first. Girlfriend hasn't texted for a few hours? Accused by boyfriend of cheating on him. Even if the boyfriend isn't being direct about where his girlfriend can go, or who she can talk to, there are ways for him to be controlling that look less aggressive. Maybe your boyfriend will act all sad and lonely when you decide to go out with your friends, effectively guilt tripping you out of your plans. Or maybe they'll casually mention how much they dislike a male friend of yours, so much so that you subconsciously end up staying away from him. That's some manipulative BS that you shouldn't be subjected to by somebody who claims to care about you. Period.

7. He Prefers Being Passive Aggressive over Being Direct

We all have our passive aggressive moments, but when it overwhelms a relationship, that's a big red flag. If your boyfriend has a tendency to do this--being noticeably angry around you without telling you why, acting distant and oddly cryptic even when you ask what's wrong--you need to have a serious conversation. In some cases, he might not realize just how bad his passive aggressiveness is. But if he doesn't seem invested in being more open...bye!

8. He's a Lot More Interested in His Sexual Needs than Yours

He's begging for you to perform oral on him, but when you ask for some in return, he's full of excuses. He'll make sure that he gets off when you two are having sex, and isn't really all that pressed as to whether or not you have an orgasm or not. He claims to care, but doesn't really do anything to back that claim up. If this sounds familiar, your man is trash. Either have a real conversation with him about how unfulfilled you feel in bed or let him go so he can make someone else disappointed. Don't take one for the team. What warning sign did you agree with most? Is it time to look for a new boyfriend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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