This 👌🏼 is How to Get Him 👨🏻👨🏿👨🏼👨🏽 to Chase You 🏃🏼 ...

1. Encourage the Hunt

The early stages of the chase and getting to know somebody can be like a game of cat and mouse; play coy whilst at the same time making it clear that you are perceptive and open to his advances.

2. Be Appreciative

Your desired love interest will be much more interested in wooing you if you show little spurts of appreciation throughout the courtship. Nobody likes to feel unappreciated!

3. Talk in Person

Try not to get too in to a routine of talking to each other over text message. Speaking face to face is much more memorable and will make him want to spend more and more time with you.

4. Be Yourself

There is no point putting on a façade and pretending to be somebody you are not. It’s an impossible game to keep up and you will be found out sooner or later.

5. Be Confident

A confident person exudes a sort of charismatic magnetism that attracts people to them, so if you act like your most confident self, he won’t be able to stay away!

6. Reveal Your Layers

Don’t lay it all out there on the first or second date; it can be overwhelming for the poor guy. Instead, reveal information about yourself at a steady rate. Give him just enough to keep him coming back for more.

7. Don’t Hide Your Feelings

Sometimes a woman can play it too cool and as a result end up hiding her true feelings. Don’t do this. Some men can tell if you are being authentic and it’s a real turn off to be found out to be holding something back.

8. Get Your Mystery Balance Right

It’s sexy to stay a little mysterious, but make sure this doesn’t cross the line in to being downright cold or distant. If you are too aloof he might not think it’s worth it.

9. Balance Your Social Life

Just because you are interested in a new guy, it doesn’t mean you should bail on your friends and make him your priority. Keep all of your old social engagements too and he will have to fight to win your time!

10. Flirting is Key

Especially true in the very early stages of meeting one another. If your flirt game is strong, then he won’t be able to resist your charms!

11. Don’t Text or Call First

Don’t make it that easy for him! Wait it out and wait until he texts or calls you first. That way you’ll know that he’s definitely been thinking about you.

12. Don’t Reply Immediately

It might seem a little cruel, but try not to reply to his messages straight away. Give it a sensible amount of time so that he figures you are doing other things, maybe talking to someone else? It will make him more determined to win you over!

13. Keep Your Calls Short

Come on, you’re not a 14 year old girl anymore - you don’t have to make every single phone conversation 2 hours long! Keep your phone contact short and sweet and there will be more to discuss and discover when you are face to face.

14. Short Texts

Similarly, you don’t need to be sending essay length texts to each other every minute of the day. Keep some topics for when you are together!

15. Enjoy the Pursuit

You can play coy and hard to get, but don’t go too far and make him feel like he is annoying you or chasing a lost cause. It’s all about getting the right balance.

16. Invite Him Places

If your friends are having a party, then throw him an invite. He’ll love that you’ve thought about him and it will inspire him to go for it at the party!

17. Don’t Get Too Wrapped up in the Game

The chase can be fun, but remember that at the end of it might come a good relationship, so don’t get too carried away with making him work for it. He might lose interest and move on!
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