The Best 👏🏼 Products to Use 🛍 Based on Your Skin Type 🌸 ...

1. Dry Skin

Signs of dry skin: Prone to dullness and flakiness Feels dry first thing in the morning Relatively small pores Needs moisturiser after showering Feels dry at the end of the day Feels sore in the cold and irritated in the heat

2. Sensitive Skin

Signs of sensitive skin: Burns fast in the sun Sometimes irritated after showering Can be oily, dry, dehydrated or a combination of these Flares up and reacts easily to new skincare Sometimes feels hot and itchy after cleansing Prone to hot, itchy red blotches that worsen when touched

3. Combination Skin

Signs of combination skin: Pores are larger around the nose Cheeks generally normal but prone to mild/moderate dryness The T Zone: forehead, nose and chin are more oily and prone to spots. Can be difficult to find a moisturiser that leaves the face feeling comfortable Makeup becomes patchy during the day

4. Oily Skin

Signs of oily skin: Generally quite shiny Prone to spots and/or acne Easily affected by hormones Often with blackheads Doesn't dry out after showering and cleansing Ages slowly with fewer lines

5. Normal Skin

Signs of normal skin: Neither oily nor dry (apart from the occasional time) Feels comfortable and smooth Relatively small pores Generally well balanced Doesn't often break out Easy to maintain and manage

6. Dehydrated Skin

Signs of dehydrated skin: Prone to dullness (often shows with appearance) Fine lines which come and go Responds positively to steam rooms, looks and feels better in humid weather Needs product desperately after showering Can flake and feel with the application of make up Often dry lips

7. Lifestyle

Although your skin type may be generally the same overall, it can change frequently due to other factors such as the weather, your stress levels and even your menstrual cycle. For this reason it's a good idea to regularly check your skin so that you can keep completely up to date with its current condition and buy products according to this! Put this moisturizer on at night to neutralize the damaging effects of free-radical activity from the sun, stress, and pollution, which helps the skin repair itself and fight visible signs of aging.

8. Eczema

This is a common skin disease where the moisture barrier breaks down and causes red patches to appear. The cause isn't fully understood, but is thought to be triggered by the immune system. Symptoms include swelling, itching, and redness. Moisturizers and hydrocortisone creams are often used for Eczema treatment, like this ultra repair cream.

9. Sunburned Skin

Taking extra precautions in the summer is crucial to avoid risks to your skin and health in hot weather. A sunburn is caused by the sun damaging the cells in the outermost layers of your skin. It starts to blister and peel after a few days. Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration and apply moisturizing lotions to help ease the pain, like this cool down spray, which is full of soothing aloe, cucumber extract, and vitamin E that will restore the skin's natural moisture balance.

10. Winter Skin; Winter months and cold climates result in dry, itchy, chapped skin. Cold air and having heaters on full blast causes skin to become extremely irritated, crack, and loose its flexibility. Protect your skin with an intensive moisturizer, like this creme that will soften even the driest of skin. Extra tip: If you have a combination of skin types such as normal and dry, you can actually buy two different products: one for normal skin and the other for dry skin. Apply the product for dry skin only on the dry areas of your face and the same is true for the product for normal skin. This way you can easily maintain that balance of your skin.
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