The Trick to Escaping a Terribly Boring Conversation ...

1. Signal a Friend for Help

Sometimes the best way to get away is to get some help. Send a signal to a friend that you need help escaping. If you’re close enough friends to know each other well, they’ll catch your drift and come to your aid. The important thing here is to signal to a friend inconspicuously. Even if you want to escape, you don’t want to hurt the person’s feelings.

2. Change the Subject

You know, there’s always a chance that the person isn’t boring. It could just be a boring subject they’re talking about. Try changing the subject and see what happens. You may find something you’re both passionate about discussing. You won’t know until you try.

3. Change the Location

Another tactic to escape a boring conversation is to change the location of it. Making your way to the food table is always a good choice. Invite your boring conversationalist along and one of two things will happen. They’ll decline your invitation to join you in which case you’re free or they’ll accompany you. Even if they decide to come along, all hope isn’t lost. There’s usually enough people around the food table to bring someone else into the conversation so it becomes interesting.

4. Excuse Yourself to Go the Restroom

Yep, this’s an easy out to choose but it works. What can they really say? Everyone has to go! If your conscience is bothering you about this then make sure you really do go where you’re saying you are. Even if you only powder your nose, you told the truth.

5. Drop Some Hints

Sometimes you have to be a little more forward in your attempts to escape a boring conversation. Give the person a few minutes of your time and then tell them you really need to find a friend or that you see that your boyfriend has arrived. Unless you’re making an abrupt exit only seconds after they started talking to you or you interrupt them while they’re talking, this’s perfectly acceptable. Mingling is expected at social gatherings. Few people expect you to chat with them exclusively the entire time, especially if you don’t know each other well.

6. Pass Them off onto Someone else

Yes, this one’s kind of shady. But desperate times call for desperate measures! And you can try to find someone that you think would enjoy the conversation you’re currently trapped in. We’re all different, after all. It’s okay to introduce one boring person to another! They may find the company of the other quite exciting.

7. Exit the Conversation

Yes, you can do this! There’s nothing that says you have to stay in a conversation until the other person is all talked out. Just wrap the conversation up in a pleasant manner. Tell them it was a pleasure to talking with them. This helps them to not feel as if you’re dropping them, even if you totally are. These are the tips you need to escape a boring conversation. What do you do when you’re in this situation? I’d love to hear your ideas!