The 10 Most πŸ’― Expensive πŸ’° Hotel Suites 🏒 in the World 🌎 ...

1. Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson – Geneva, Switzerland

@hotelpresidentwilsonYou can live like a true European monarch in this amazing 12-bedroom suite that spans the entire eighth floor of the hotel. Complete with a grand piano, rare book collection, Jacuzzi, and unbelievable views of Lake Geneva it’s a steal at $80,000 per night!
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2. Mark Penthouse at the Mark – New York, USA

@elitetravelerHow does three king bedrooms, two queen bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a whole library lounge sound to you? Spread across two floors, this is the most space you will be able to enjoy in New York, offering panoramic views of Central Park for just $70,000 per night!
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3. Penthouse Suite at Hotel Martinez – Cannes, France

@martinezhotelCannes is a famous playground for the rich and famous, and this five-star penthouse suite is definitely fit for a superstar. The walls of the 17,000 square foot suite are adorned with real Picasso and Matisse masterpieces! Just $53,200 per night!

4. Penthouse Suite at Faena Hotel – Miami, USA

For $50,000 a night you can enjoy a five-bedroom, two floor pad that provides panoramic views of the ocean and Miami beach. The interior was actually designed by famous director Baz Luhrmann and his wife!

5. Hilltop Villa at Laucala Island – Fiji

@segaraYou can snap up one of the 25 private villas on this island for a mere $45,000 per night. Each villa comes with a large infinity pool, chauffeur, nanny, and private chef! If you’re feeling super fly, you can rent the entire island for $170,000 per night!
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6. Grand Riad at Royal Mansour – Marrakech, Morocco

@inspectorluxHow do gold plated walls and onyx floors sound to you? This three-storey delight boasts three large bedrooms and rooftops views of the Atlas Mountains to die for. Luxury at its finest for $43,000 per night!

7. Penthouse Suite at Hotel Cala Di Volpe – Sardinia, Italy

@hotelcaladivolpeFor $41,000 a night, you can stay in this suite that offers a private rooftop pool, three bedrooms, and its very own private wine cellar! I wouldn’t recommend mixing the wine with a pool dip though!

8. Royal Suite at the Plaza – New York, USA

Royal by name and royal by nature! This $40,000 a night suite includes private elevator access that overlooks Fifth Avenue, and comes with a fitness room, powder room, library, chef’s kitchen, and glove butler service!

9. Princess Grace Suite at HΓ΄tel De Paris Monte Carlo – Monaco, France

Named after one of the most glamorous women in the world, the Princess Grace Suite features multiple walk-in closets, a sauna, heated pool, Jacuzzi, and amazing views of the Mediterranean. All yours for $37,000 per night.

10. Suite 5000 at Mandarin Oriental – New York, USA

@ladyleungoThis suite really is something special. What do you get for your $36,000 per night? 50th floor views of the city, a luxury dining room that fits ten people, and a Swarovski encrusted wall installation! Not to mention an antique record player complete with a curated collection of vinyl for your enjoyment.

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