The Ultimate 💯 Guidebook 📗 to Being the Best 👍🏼 Wingwoman ...

1. Don't Get Wasted

You can't be a good wingwoman if you're wasted – you have to be on point to help your friends with the hookup! Getting drunk also makes it that much harder to keep an eye on your pals – you want to keep them safe from creepers and Felipes, you know.

2. Remember, You Are There to Help Your Girl

Or your boy, of course, because you can play wingwoman for a guy friend as well. Just keep your eyes on the prize.

3. Encourage Your Girlfriends to Be Confident

Let them know that they are queens, that they are smart, funny, witty, kind, and beautiful. Let them know that they're worth getting to know, whether it's for a night or a lifetime – whatever they're looking for.

4. Just Go with It

Play a part. Be whatever your friend needs … even if it means spending an hour talking to the most boring person on earth.

5. You've Got to Be at Their Beck and Call

Your friends need you. In wingman parlance (gag), you may even need to jump on a grenade.

6. … Just for the Evening

It's not forever, though. Just for the night.

7. Don't Be Too Aggressive

As a wingwoman, you have to walk a tightrope. It's a delicate balance, but coming off aggressively can ruin the night in an instant.

8. Be Cool in Front of the Person She's Hitting on

Even if you think they look like a bag of smashed butt holes.

9. Don't Butt in, Unless Your Girl Wants You to

It's best if you devise some signs for each other before you go out for the night. Yep, a good wingwoman will take the time to craft a secret language.

10. Know when You Need to Shut up

You'll know, especially as you take on the role more and more often. It's an instinct.

11. Also, Know when You Need to Walk Away

So is this – especially if you have a friend who likes hooking up with d-bags. It happens.

12. Know How to Handle His Friends

This is your jam. This is your job. This is what you have to do.

13. … Even if His Friends Are Annoying

Especially with the guy or girl's friends are annoying. That's when your friend needs you the most, in fact.

14. Encourage Your Friend to Push past Her Comfort Zone

Not so much that she's actively uncomfortable, obviously, but definitely do encourage your friends to step out with confidence.

15. Stop Other People from Approaching if She Finds Someone She Likes

Don't let anyone bird dog your friend! Make sure she's protected from interlopers.

16. Encourage a Dance or Two

This will also give you a small break, which will probably be quite welcome.

17. Make Sure She is Safe if She Does Leave with Him

Always. Always, always, always – and don't let her leave if she doesn't have control of her faculties. How do you help your friends when you go out together?