The Daily Struggles of Being a Woman in Her 30s ...

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You Might Have to Throw Away the Skinny Jeans

Not because you don't still look absolutely amazing in them, but because you're generally so sore and creaky that you can't contort yourself enough to pull them on and get them zipped.

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Realizing You Might Not Be Hip to the New Words Coming out

I'm not like that, though, bae. I'm an on-fleek 30something. I'm on the Snapchat and everything!

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Working, All the Effing Time

It never stops. Even when it does stop, it doesn't. You clock out, you get home, and you're still thinking about work. Stupid job.

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Shifting Your Focus from Party to Family

Or from party to Netflix on the couch with your cat, which is also perfectly acceptable.

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Paying a Mortgage ... Enough Said

I have a mortgage now. I don't want to talk about it.

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Whittling down Your Friendships to Just Core People

It happens. Certain friends slowly fall away. You don't have a fight, you just drift apart because you're in different places or going in different directions. The core group that remains, that's your logical family. Those are your people.

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Not Texting Fast Enough for Your Twentysomething Friends

Oh, man, they get so pissed. They take that ish seriously, whereas I will happily sit on a text message for ... like, months. Crap. I think I might be a bad friend.

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Somehow You a Bunch More Bills and You Don't Know How


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Every New Experience That You Want to Try … Happens when You Are at Work

Or asleep. Some of them happen while you're asleep, too.

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You Actually Need Eye Cream Now

It's no longer a precaution. It is not an essential part of your daily skincare routine.

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Speaking of Which, You Need All the Hottest Skincare Now

Right now. The mucus of an exotic snail found in the wilds of northern Nebraska will reverse the signs of aging? You're going to get some snails.

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You've Got to Be Pleasant No Matter What

Everyone expects you to be nice and polite and cordial all the time. Besides, if you're not smiling, everyone thinks you're dying.

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You Worry a Hell of a Lot More than You Did before

About everything. All the time. It never stops. You probably have an ulcer.

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You Can't Technically Rely on Your Parents so Much

I know. You're not supposed to want to. Sometimes you secretly wish you could, though.

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Unexpected Bills … on Top of the Twenty You Already Have

There are always unexpected bills. Always. You will watch your meager savings dwindle to nothing and a part of your soul will die.

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You Can't Hold Your Liquor Quite like You Could in the past

Yeeeah, no. Not only do you get blitzed faster, but you feel it for days after. Sometimes weeks.

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Being in Your 30s is Awesome. Really, It is

No, but really! This is your decade! What do you think? Anything seem familiar? I'm really loving my 30s so far, but yeah, a lot of these ring true.
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