The Cutest 😊 Ways to Flirt 😘 Using Emojis πŸ’— for Girls Trying to Win Him over πŸ’‘ ...

1. Cocktail Come-on


2. Too Shy Shy

Bashfulness. Also: the perfect response to a compliment or to soften your own brazenly suggestive comment.

3. I Have Eyes for You

Akin to a bouquet of red roses, it’s timeless, classic, and also waaaaaaaay too forward for a light flirtation. That said, if you get it, feel free to slide into the DMs.

4. Don't Torment Me

Signals FOMO (fear of missing out); three in a row is a perfect response to a nude or sext if you’re in a different city/state/country or stuck at work

5. I Am in Agreement

Seal of approval. The polite response to a restaurant suggestion or the setup of some casual plans. Basically, β€œcool” but not β€œcool!” Use three in a row and it means β€œthank you!”

6. The Bare Essentuals

All emoji equivalents of nudes. Use with caution or else complete abandon, depending on the desired reaction and receptiveness of the recipient.

7. Um, OK...

Derp. Indicates awkwardness at your last comment, text, or social media behavior. Not a complete deal-breaker but suggests a cooling of enthusiasm.

8. I See You

Basically, β€œWhat are you doing?”

9. Thanks but No Thanks

Hi. Um. Not interested. Sorry? Sorry!

10. I Am so Awesome

When you’re particularly pleased with yourself about something, a pat on the back. Especially endearing when used by dudes.

11. Buh-Bye

You are dead to me and I should just ghost and not respond at all but I just have to get this one emoji off my chest.

12. Friends without Benefits

Let’s be friends!

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