The 17 Best Comebacks for Being Called Lazy ...

1. I’m Too Lazy to Think of a Comeback

You might as well prove their point. If you're lazy, then why on earth would you use up your energy trying to think of a clever response?

2. I’m Not Lazy. I’m Conserving Energy

You never know when the zombie apocalypse could strike. If it happens later on in the day, you'll be ready for it.

3. I Don’t like Anything That Requires a Bra

I mean really, who likes wearing a bra? They're so confining. It's better to stay home, so that you don't have to wear one.

4. Hard Work Never Killed Anybody, but Why Take That Chance?

You don't want to be the first person to die from hard work, do you? That would be devastating.

5. Being Lazy is Better than Being You

If they're going to insult you, you might as well insult them right back. Of course, you can replace "you" with "ugly," "stupid," or whatever other personalized insult you'd like.

6. I Learned from the Best

If your parents are the ones calling you lazy, they're being hypocritical. After all, they're the ones who raised you to be whom you are.

7. I’m Training for a Netflix Marathon

Why would you run a 5k when you could have a Netflix marathon, instead? It's a lot easier to train for.

8. I’m Not Lazy when It Comes to Sex

If your crush calls you lazy, use this line. It'll let them know that you're better than they think in the bedroom.

9. I Was Going to do Something Today, but I Didn’t Finish Doing Nothing from Yesterday

You have to finish your to-do list from yesterday before you can start on your to-do list for today. It's the responsible thing to do.

10. I’m on Energy-saving Mode

Computers and cell phones do it, so why can't you? You're just following the crowd.

11. They Say Practice Makes Perfect but Nobody is Perfect so I Dont Practice

There's no sense in trying to reach an impossible goal. That's why it's better to be lazy.

12. Why Should I Make My Bed when I’m Going to Go Back in It?

There's no reason to use up your energy cleaning when everything is going to get messy again eventually, right?

13. Lazy Days Are Happy Days

Aren't you happiest when you're relaxed? Then why should you do anything other than relax?

14. Im Not Lazy. I Just Rest before I Get Tired

You're going to get tired eventually, so you might as well rest. Then you'll be ahead of the game.

15. I’ll Stop Being Lazy when Netflix Stops Being so Interesting

It's not our fault that there are dozens of interesting shows and movies that we can watch with the click of a button. Blame Netflix.

16. Lazy People Invented Wheels and Bikes Because They Didnt Feel like Walking

This is a fact that they won't be able to argue with. Without lazy people, would we even have remote controls?

17. You Call It Lazy. I Call It Selective Participation

There are some activities you have no interest in doing, so why do them at all? We're all capable of being lazy every once in a while, so don't worry about it. What other comebacks have you used after being called lazy?
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