11 Subtle Signs He Has a Crush on You ...

1. He Texts You when He is out

One of the main signs he has a crush on you is simply if he puts time into texting you. If he is sending you cute messages or is interested in how you are doing while he is out with the boys, there is a very good chance he is smitten. If a guy is out with the boys, he will not message you unless you are on his mind. And if you are on his mind… well that’s pretty obvious, he likes you.

2. He Gets Nervous

A guy will NOT get nervous around a girl without having some sort of feelings for her. So, if you notice your crush gets a little sweaty from the forehead, or stumbles over his words around you, chances are pretty good he has a thing for you.

3. He Hugs and is Touchy with You

If you find him slightly touching your shoulder or placing his hand on the low of your back, which can be a strong sign he has a thing for you. A guy friend wont be overly touchy or go out of his way to stand next to you in a group. If you find him always next to you and paying close attention to your needs within a group of friends, well you should know the rest.

4. He Invites You out

Guys are pretty territorial. So if you get to meet his crew and some of his close friends, it means you are in. Whether it is for a serious thing or not, the point is that you are in. This is a great way to then get close with his friends who will then talk to him about you. If this guy is calling to invite you out to the Friday night get together at his friends, you can count that as a very good sign!

5. His Eye Contact

Do you find him staring (lovingly not creepily) at you during class? Or do you often catch him being very interested in everything you say? It is because he genuinely wants to know what you are saying and he is showing interest. This is a good sign. He is taking the things you say into consideration and shows that your opinion matters.

6. He Gets Jealous of Another Guy Friend

Okay so some guy friends are pretty protective of their friends, I get that. But there is a difference, and you can tell. If you are out at a bar chatting a guy up when your ‘friend’ sees you and comes over to make sure everything is okay, yeah he is into you. If he is just a friend, he will hands down leave you alone and let you do your thing while he goes and does it with some other girl.

7. He Compliments You

Do you find him throwing out sincere compliments each time you see him? If he starts to act a little weird in that way, chances are he had a change of heart. Now this isn’t if he says you look nice, this will be constant and every time he sees you. This can also be a tell tale sign if he laughs at everything you say and starts talking about you with his friends.

8. Light Teasing

Compliments are always something that he might give you, but what about teasing? Does he tease you lightly? Does he pull some jokes on you that he knows you would find funny and plays right into your personality? It's proof that he has a crush on you!

9. Is Comfortable around You

The comfort level of a guy is really important. It's hard for a guy to open up around friends that are girls, much less sink into a routine. If your friend is so comfortable around you that he opens up so, so much -- that's a sign that he has a crush on you and likes you more than just a friend!

10. Knows Your Likes & Dislikes

While your friends do know your likes and dislikes, he takes it one step further and knows the perfect Christmas and Birthday gift to get you. He makes mental files of exactly what you like, dislike and things you've mentioned.

11. Pays Attention

Not only does he know your favorite food, your ideal vacation but he pays attention to the small things in your life. What really makes you happy -- inside and out! If these subtle signs haven't told you one way or the other how he feels, you may have to gather your courage and make a move! But hopefully, you have a good idea from these tips, and if so, which do you find most helpful? This article was written in collaboration with editor Heather Jensen.