Style 😎 Rules πŸ“œ to Steal from French πŸ‡«πŸ‡· Women πŸ‘© ...

1. Forget Trends

The first French style rule to adhere to is to completely forget about the latest trends that you see in magazines and online! If you follow each and every trend, you end up looking like just another pretty girl in the street. If you follow your heart rather than what’s written on glossy pages, you will evoke your own kind of sophisticated style that feels different to everyone else.

2. Neutral Palette

The classic French way of evoking style and femininity is to rely on neutral colour palettes, avoiding garish and over vibrant colours and patterns that are only going to distract from your natural beauty. You will be hard pushed to find a woman draped in problem patterns or lurid colours on the streets of Paris.

3. Rock the Classics

By all means, experiment with interesting cuts and shapes, but also commit to relying the tried and tested classics to help you out of a style problem. You can’t beat things like a statement blazer, silk scarf, little black dress etc. These things are timeless for a reason, and there is no need to rail against them in order to achieve a signature style.

4. Red Lipstick

Perfectly applied red lipstick is something that I personally feel is synonymous with the beautiful screen sirens of the classic age of French cinema. From screen to street, it is a makeup choice that has remained popular and beautiful to this day and is definitely something that all women should incorporate into their looks.

5. Avoid Prints

Try to avoid matching two different prints, and even better, try to avoid prints at all. French style icons prefer to display the power and beauty of solid colours and solid shapes, so overdoing it with multiple patterns and photo prints doesn’t feel Parisian at all.

6. Less is More

Perhaps the most quintessentially French fashion tip that can be handed from nation to another is that, simply, less is more! From the little black dress to a simple blouse and blazer combination, French style has always relied on sophisticated minimalism rather than garish chaos and over crowdedness. To get in the habit of this, practice the old trick of looking in the mirror before leaving the house, and committing to taking one thing you are wearing off before going out!

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