25 Small Gifts for a New Boyfriend That Won't Scare Him off ...

1. Kent Hand-Made 113mm All Fine Pocket Comb

A comb might seem like a boring gift, but this isn't just any old comb. This baby is hand-made and it's made especially for beards. This compact comb fits perfectly into his pocket so he stays looking sharp everywhere he goes.

2. Stanley Adventure Clip Grip Coffee Mug, 20 Oz

If your sweetie is in need of a new coffee mug, this sturdy and handy mug is a must-buy. Not only does this mug have a clip grip on the handle, the lid is leak-proof and it keeps your drink warm for hours.

3. Areaware Bottle Opener in Walnut

Now what guy wouldn't appreciate a magnetized bottle opener? This bottle opener not only looks cool, it easily pops off the cap and since it's magnetized, the cap won't go flying. Stick it on your fridge or oven for easy access!

4. Anker Astro Mini 3000mAh Ultra-Compact Portable Charger

Here's another gift that just about anyone will appreciate. How many times have we desperately needed our phone, but the battery is almost dead. With this super handy portable charger, your guy will be ready for anything.

5. The Wes Anderson Collection

If your boyfriend happens to be a Wes Anderson fan or just a movie buff in general, this is a great book to add to his collection. Filled with lots of illustrations. stills, and story boards, this is perfect for any coffee table or library.

6. Apolis Polka Dot Pocket Square

If your boyfriend frequently has to dress up for work or just likes to dress in dapper duds whenever possible, a polka dot pocket square is the perfect fit!

7. Fifth Sun Nasa Logo T-Shirt

Graphic T-shirts seem to be a guy's best friend. They're cool, casual, and so comfy. Grab this vintage-inspired shirt for your guy and show him you think he's out of this world.

8. Escali 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Shaving accessories have really come a long way and I have no doubt in my mind that the man in your life will love this gift. We know shaving can be a pain so, gift this posh shaving brush to make the chore a little more luxurious.

9. Opinel No8 Carbon Pocket Knife

A pocket knife might appear to be an odd gift, but it's actually really practical. The blade is made of carbon steel and has a hardwood handle so it's perfect for everyday use.

10. Juniper Ridge Yuba River Soap

Do you think of your guy as an outdoorsy type? Then this fragrant soap is right up his alley. This soap gets rave reviews for its amazing scent, and 10% of the proceeds go towards defending Western wilderness.

11. Loop Tea Strainer

If your man's drink of choice is tea, then this tea strainer is going to be his new favorite accessory! Not only does this look cool in your mug, the convenient design allows him to scoop tea leaves directly into the container.

12. Happy Socks Men's Combed Cotton Stripe Crew Sock

A pair of bright, happy socks is sure to bring a smile to your man's face! Even if they aren't his usual style, they're super comfortable and great quality.

13. The Art of Shaving: Shaving Made Easy

A fantastic choice for shaving novices! This book provides lots of great instruction for those who are new to the world of wet shaving and using a straight razor.

14. Otter Wax Leather Care Kit

Breathe new life into old boots, loafers, even watch straps with this smart 4-piece leather care kit. Revive old leather or help new leather stay new and clean.

15. Givenchy Gentlemen Only Eau De Toilette Spray

This cologne is perfect for the special gentleman in your life! The crisp,bright, and clean scent is great for a variety of occasions and is sure to be an instant favorite!

16. L.B. Evans Men's Lars Slipper

Having a good pair of slippers is absolutely necessary and your boyfriend will love that you chose such a comforting and stylish gift.

17. MoMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar

Give your guy MoMA's colorful perpetual calendar that's sure to brighten up his desk and help keep him organized. The compact design is perfect for small spaces and he'll never need to buy a calendar again!

18. Finding Your Way without Map or Compass

An ideal buy for the adventurous type! This guide will teach your love how to find his way through the wilderness, towns, desserts, and even the ocean!

19. LaCie PetiteKey 16GB USB Flash Drive

A key-shaped flash drive that's just as functional as it is fashionable. Lightweight, durable and perfect for the student or businessman on the go!

20. Taste #5 Umami Paste

If your boyfriend loves to cook, Taste #5's Umami Paste will change his life! But seriously, this paste, which is the fifth taste after sweet, salty, sour, and bitter, can be used in sauces, soups and meats to take the flavor to the next level.

21. The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adriร 

A fab cookbook packed with nearly 100 recipes from the staff at El Bulli who was awarded World's Best Restaurant fives times!

22. Bicycle Eco Edition Playing Cards

How about a deck of environmentally conscious playing cards? Simple, high-quality cards that are totally recyclable are unique and useful.

23. Cards against Humanity: First Expansion

Perfect for the playful type! If your boyfriend loves to get together with friends, Cards Against Humanity is a fun party game that's described as "a party game for horrible people!"

24. Classic Dubble Bubble Gumball Coin Bank

Give your guy a blast from the past with Dubble Bubble's playful gumball machine/coin bank. If he's not into gumballs, fill it up with his favorite candy instead.This makes a fun addition to any room or his work desk!

25. Casio Men's MQ24-1E Black Resin Watch

This watch might look expensive, but it's actually under $20! The stylish, sleek, and lightweight design make it great for daily wear. Which gift will you pick?
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