7 Silly Period Puns to Make That Time of the Month šŸ—“ Feel Better šŸ˜‚ ...

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This Whole Period Thing is Really Cramping My Style

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My Menstrual Cycle is Bloody Punctual, Period

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I Just Got My Period. Red Alert!

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Why Yes, I Am on My Period. You Could Say That Iā€™m ā€¦ *dramatic Pause* ā€¦ Ovary-reacting

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I Guess You Could Say People with Irregular Periods Go with the Flow

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Heavy Flows Are Bloody Annoying

If you live in a country where "bloody" is used all of the time, your friends might not even pick up on this joke, because you'll sound like you're going on a regular rant about your period. Of course, if you've never used the word before, then everyone will understand that you were trying for a laugh.

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What is an Ovary's Favorite Type of TV Show? Period Dramas

Here's a joke that all of your friends who love period dramas on television should enjoy, especially if they're female. Of course, if you tell the joke to a man, it'll be fun to see their reaction, since so many of them freak out whenever they hear the word "period." The next time your friends complain about their period, try to brighten their mood by telling them one of these ridiculous puns. You never know. It might lift their spirits. What other period puns can you come up with? Please vote and rank this list
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