The Top 7 Signs You're Addicted to Lipstick ...

1. You Can’t Walk out of a Makeup Store without a Swatched Hand

It’s so hard to resist the temptation not to swatch a lipstick when at a makeup store. If you love lipstick, you often get too carried away with this process that your whole hand ends up looking like a canvas. This is one of the obvious signs you love lipstick.

2. You Can Identify What Shade Random People Are Wearing on Their Lips

You have pretty much mastered most lipstick shades down to a T. If you are at a party, you are probably the girl seated at a corner analyzing everyone’s lipstick color(creepy we know, but your inner lipstick fanatic just can’t help it) and if there is one that you can’t name, then you immediately walk up to the person to find out what shade that is.

3. Your Favorite Emoji is the Lipstick One

Just in case people can’t already tell how obsessed you are; then your text messages will definitely give this off. Your favorite and most over used emoji naturally is the lipstick one . Needless to say you use it even when it’s absolutely unnecessary.

4. You Prefer Lipstick over Any Other Present

You often wonder why people keep asking you what you want as a gift when your birthday rolls up, as if it’s not obvious enough that all you need in your life is lipstick! Whether it’s a gift card for your favorite lipstick brand or that specific shade you’ve been eyeing, you are always happy to add a new addition to your growing collection.

5. You Are Constantly Finding Lipsticks in the Most Random Spots in Your Place

You like to always have lipstick close by; that explains why you probably have more than five lipstick tubes in your purse. You also tend to leave some around just in case you do not have one with you in the pocket, which explains why you find lipstick in the most random spots in your house.

6. Your Lipstick Collection is Big Enough to Start a Mini Beauty Store

If you wear lipstick often enough, then you know it can be hard to find your favorite shade from time to time which explains why you have doubles or even triples of the same lipstick. It’s not just enough to have one shade of red or pink lipstick; you have a variation of those shades and you just don’t understand how people can’t seem to tell the difference between your red, wine red, brick red and burgundy lipsticks.

7. You’ve Become a Pro at Applying Lipstick

At this point, you do not even need to stand in front of a mirror to apply your lipstick; you can do it with your eyes closed, while walking down the subway heck you could even apply the lipstick flawlessly if you were on a roller coaster ride and you have come to the conclusion that this is actually a talent that you possess; you may have 99 problems girl but lipstick is definitely not one of them!

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