17 Pickup Lines πŸ’¬ to Turn You on 😘 and Make You Laugh πŸ˜‚ ...

1. Pizza is My Second Favorite Thing to Eat in Bed

If a man said this to you, at least you'd know he's willing to give you oral.

2. I’ll Treat You like My Homework: Slam You on the Table and do You All Night Long!

Of course, having sex is a little more fun than doing homework.

3. I Must Be Hunting Treasure, Because I’m Digging Your Chest

This is probably the classiest way for a man to comment on the size of your boobs.

4. Wanna Go on a Ate with Me? I'll Give You the D Later

Men just love to talk about the D.

5. I'm Going to Have Sex with You Later, so You Might as Well Be There

He's either going to masturbate to you or actually sleep with you in person. It's your choice.

6. Do You Believe in Karma? Because I Know Some Good Karma-sutra Positions

If you don't know, those are sex positions. Very sexy sex positions.

7. I like Every Bone in Your Body, Especially Mine

If you have sex with him, his bone will be all up in your body.

8. Do You like Adele? Because I Can Tell You Want to Be Rolling in the D

Adele fans will either love this one or be offended by this one. They can be very passionate.

9. I Know You Haven't Been Studying. You Must Want the D

If you wanted an A, you would've been hitting the books more.

10. Want a Job? It Blows

There's no nice way to ask for oral. This is as close as it gets.

11. They Call Me β€œthe Fireman,” Because I Turn the Hoes on

You have to admit, this one is pretty funny. Of course, calling you a hoe isn't his best move.

12. Are You My New Boss? Cause You Just Gave Me a Raise

If you think boners are flattering, then you'll be happy about this one.

13. Are You from Japan Because I’d like to Get in Japanties

The only thing is that we hate when men use the word "panties." Cringe.

14. I’m No Weatherman, but You Can Expect a Few Inches Tonight

At least he's being honest about his size. Whenever a man claims that he's eight inches, he's flat out lying.

15. Roses Are Red, Violets Are Fine. if I Be the 6, Will You Be the 9?

If you don't know what 69ing is, then you should be happy that you still have an innocent mind.

16. I Lost My Virginity. Can I Have Yours?

This isn't the way it works, but it's still a clever line.

17. Can I Read Your T-shirt in Braille?

Basically, this means that he wants to touch your chest. At least he's asking you in the most intelligent way that he knows how. Some of these lines are corny, but they're all pretty funny. What other sexual pick-up lines has a man used on you before? Sources: pickup-lines.net jokes4us.com pickupliness.com
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