17 Relationship πŸ’‘ Questions to Quiz Your Partner ❔❓ with ...

1. What Date Did We Meet?

It's easy to name your anniversary. It's much harder to remember the day that you first laid eyes on each other.

2. Where Was Our First Date?

This shouldn't be a tricky one. After all, your first date should stick out clearly in his mind.

3. What Was the First Thing You Said to Me?

See if your answer and his answer match up. You might remember things differently.

4. What Did I First Notice about You?

He might have to take a guess on this one. If you've never told him the answer before, now is the time to!

5. Where Was Our First Kiss?

Your first kiss should be just as memorable as your first date. That's why he shouldn't have a problem with this one.

6. How Old Were We when We Met?

If you've been together for a while, the years might've blurred together. That's why this question is harder than you'd think.

7. Who Said β€œI Love You” First?

Did you say those three little words before him, or did he take the lead? See how he remembers it.

8. Which One of Us Made the First Move?

You might think that you made the first move, since you said hello to him first, but he might think he made the first move, since he asked you out first.

9. What Was the First Text You Sent Me?

If you keep all of your texts, you might even have it in your phone.

10. What Was Our First Picture Together?

You should be able to find this somewhere.

11. What Did My Parents First Think of You?

Did they love him or hate him? He might not actually know the answer.

12. What Was the First Gift I Ever Gave You?

It should be easy for him to remember the first gift he ever gave you, but can he remember the first thing you ever gave him?

13. Where Did We First Make Love?

Men love to have sex. That's why this moment should stand out for him.

14. What’s My Favorite Memory with You?

Here's another one that he might have to guess. After all, if you've never told him, how could he know?

15. When is Our Dating Anniversary?

Once you get married, it's easy to recall the date of the wedding. It's much harder to remember your old dating anniversary.

16. What Was I Wearing when We First Met?

See if he remembers what he saw you wearing during your first date. He might be able to answer the question better than you can!

17. What’s Our Song?

If you don't have a song, then ask him what your movie or TV show is. There has to be something that you both consider special. Don't take this quiz too seriously! You don't want to end up in a fight with your partner when you're just trying to have a fun time! Do you think your man would be able to answer all of these questions correctly?