7 Memorable 👌🏼 Ways to Fight 👊🏼 Post Workout 💪🏼 Hunger 😋 so You're Not 👎🏼 Wasting Progress 🗑 ...

1. You Are Thirsty

Dehydration is commonly confused with hunger so if you are not drinking water during and prior to your workout you may end up searching for food when all you need is a drink. Combat this confusion by having two glasses of water immediately following your workout and then decide if you are really needing a meal.

2. You Just Expended

If you really worked hard kicking your own butt in a workout you may be hungry out of pure exhaustion. This is not true hunger because pigging out would ruin the efforts of your workout. So have a protein shake after your workout, have a glass of water and wait 30 minutes before you kill your efforts of mega calorie expenditure.

3. Craving Protein for Recovery

Sometimes you are famished after a workout simply because your body is in great need of protein. This usually occurs after you really pushed in your workout. So make a protein shake, have a grilled chicken salad and choose foods that will help your body to heal.

4. You Feel like You Earned It

Just because you ran for one hour does not warrant you eating a hamburger. In fact often people overestimate the calories they think they burned in a workout and they end up sabotaging their diet by consuming too many calories post workout. So replenish your body the healthy way and grill chicken to put in your big salad.

5. Your Body Needs Healthy Nutrition

The reason your body is craving to pig out after your super sweat session is that your body needs healthy nutrition. Give your body the fuel it needs and do not overdo it. If you burn 600 calories, a 300 calorie snack is ample replenishment.

6. You Are Tired

If you are tired or bored you can easily confuse yourself for being hungry. So have a drink of water, rest and wait 30 minutes so you will know what your body really wants. Do not ruin you efforts of exercise by eating the wrong food.

7. You Need to Wait It out

That super need to pig out right at that moment may be something that will simply pass. So wait it out and see if you are just hungry, tired or needing something else. Before you kill that work you did in your fitness session, be patient. So before you pig out, be patient and think before you overeat. And choose food that replenishes your workouts and supports your goals!

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