This is Why You Must Go to Western Australia🇦🇺 🐨for Girls Who Live for Travel 🌏✈️ ...

1. Rottnest Island

This is a very peaceful island that has the rare quality of being car free. It really takes you to a mindset that is far healthier and if a world without cars doesn’t appeal to you then the beaches will. Calling them extraordinary is an unfair understatement. Are they the best beaches in the world? They are certainly up there with the best and are one of the big reasons to visit the West Coast of Australia.

2. Perth

You may have heard of Perth in Australia. It is one of the more popular holiday destinations for the fact it is so sun drenched without being overpowering. It is also loaded with a load of culture. It is also a regular feature in the lists of world’s most agreeable places to live. Try the Western Australian Botanic Garden, the Perth's Art Gallery of Western Australia and the Western Australian Museum. There is a good drinking scene there too if you fancy partaking of that particular favorite Australian pastime.

3. Purnululu National Park

This is a very good looking piece of land because of the very strange natural effects. There is rock that is over 350 million years old and it is black and orange in a bee stripe effect that is very striking. You can see the famous Cathedral Gorge or the Mini Palms Gorge that lives up to its name as it is packed with Livistona palms, which is certainly one of the more spectacular attractions of Australia’s West Coast.

4. Ningaloo Reef

This is a naturally occurring reef that is 161 miles long, which makes it one of the longest fringing reefs in the world and also one of many great reasons to visit the West Coast. Oddly enough, since reefs grow of their own accord, then it may just be the case of another storm somewhere to destroy other reefs and this reef becomes the longest again. There are some parts that are very close to the shore, which is quite unique and means you can take a boat out and have a look quite easily.

5. Swim with Whale Sharks

In the aforementioned Ningaloo Reef, you can do something you have probably never done before, and that is swim with sharks. They are a variety of shark that are called “Whale” sharks because they grow to a length of 50 feet long. The sharks do not have teeth, only a filter in their mouth for collecting plankton. They are harmless to humans and after years of swimming with people they have become quite tame.

6. Cape Range National Park

Fancy going to a place with over 700 caves? The Cape Range National Park has 124,988 acres and more caves than you can explore in a year. One of the best reasons to visit is the 31 miles of beaches that lie within the Cape Range Park. You may also see a few wild kangaroos and emus too.

7. Fremantle

If you do not fancy a trip filled with nature, history and beauty, then try Fremantle. It has fresh seafood, great bars, cafes and some very unique shops. There is a bit of history to be had if you look for it, such as with a trip to the prison, but otherwise it is a sunny place to hang out and relax with comfortable settings with a true laid back Aussie vibe. I never got to Perth so I missed out on the attractions of the West Coast of Australia, but if I ever get to go back one day … Is the West Coast on your wish list?

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