8 Productive ✌️ Things to do Instead of Plotting 😈 Your Revenge 😠 on Your Ex πŸ’” ...

1. Get the Anger out

Get the anger out of your body, but in a different direction to revenge. Go to a couple of kickboxing classes and really let out all of that frustration in a positive way. Also, going to a sports game where you can shout your head off is always a cathartic thing to do!

2. Lend a Helping Hand

Transform that negative energy into positive energy by making the choice to spend your time doing some volunteering or charity work instead. The thinking time you would have spent coming up with a revenge plan is now going into thoughts about helping other people live a better life, and that’s really inspiring and productive.

3. Keep Busy

Just do anything to keep yourself busy and not give yourself the opportunity to be alone to stew over the breakup. Hang out with friends, reconnect with family ... anything that takes your mind off any budding revenge plans!

4. Escape

Get a change of environment for a little bit by escaping on a mini break or something similar. A change of scenery is a great palate cleanser, and it might be able to help you look at your situation with a different, more mature perspective.

5. Pen to Paper

Take some time to write down all of your thoughts and feelings about the situation. Putting it all down on paper can be really therapeutic, and reading it back to yourself can sometimes help you to see that any plans of revenge seem even more silly and farfetched when they have been brought from your mind into some kind of reality.

6. Treat Yourself

Rather than focusing energy on your ex, focus it on yourself instead. Treat yourself in some of the ways you like best, whether that’s a bubble bath, an evening on the couch with a great book, a massage, or anything else that will make you feel good.

7. Favourite Movies

The wave of nostalgia and happiness you get from watching your favourite movies is a feeling tailor-made for times like this. Forget about the negative stuff in your life and dive into movie worlds that have brought you so much joy over the years.

8. Unfriend Him

Make sure to delete your ex from all of your social media platforms. The less you see of him, the less you will be reminded of how much you want to mess with him! Out of sight, out of mind!

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