22 Outstanding Sewing Room Ideas for Your Space ...

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Thread Organization

Via Sewing Room Framing your thread collection is one of the best sewing room ideas I came across. It looks great and keeps everything from getting tangled and messy.
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Hanging File

Via Sewing Room Ideas • Styling ... Use that old empty hanging file to keep your fat quarters organized and easy to access.
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Wood Framed Pegboard

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy Pegboard is the ideal thing to mount in your sewing room for hanging all your most used items close at hand.
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Bookcase Storage

Via xogigifabricsblog.com A wall of bookcases makes it a breeze to keep all of your fabric, thread and tools where you can see and grab them easily any time.
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Hide It Away

Via Sewing Room/Home Office Reveal - ... I really love how easy it is to hide your sewing area in a small space by enclosing it with these great doors.
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Hanging Fabric

Via More Sewing Room Organization - ... You won't have any trouble finding the piece of fabric you need if you store it like this.
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Tucked Away

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Thread Catchers

Via Sewing Keep this handy little tool near your sewing machine so that your pins and scraps bin are easy to reach and use.
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Use an Old Dresser

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Behind Closed Doors

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Use a Cute Color

Via Craft Rooms :: Laura Smith's ... If you have an entire room for your sewing and crafts, why not paint it a fun color you wouldn't use anywhere else in the house. Mine is Tiffany blue.
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Use the Natural Light

Via 10 Inspiring Sewing Rooms - ... If you can swing it, create your sewing space near a window so you can make use of the natural light.
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Maximize Storage

Via Sew Many Ways...: Sewing and ... Make use of every inch of your sewing room by creating storage anywhere you can stuff it.
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Make It Fancy

Via Sewing Why not make your room super fancy with a chandelier and decor like this one? It's your space, after all.
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Professional Design

Via Romantic Boutique Inspired Sewing Room ... A mannequin gives your room a bit of professional flair, but is also just downright fun!
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Sewing Decor

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Tiny Sewing Room

Via Let's Decorate Online: 10 Easy ... See what I mean? Even tiny spaces can be great for sewing and crafting. This little corner says it all.
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Lots of Cubbies

Via A Little Bit Biased: Tuesday ... An abundance of cubbies is perfect for corralling all of your small sewing materials.
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Super Girly

Via The Sewing Room Reveal Make your sewing room as girly as you want - it yours! I hoped that the color of mine would keep my three boys out, but they still like to go in and sort through all my materials.
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Sewing Space

Via Happy space I love the brightness and organization of this sewing space.
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Button Storage

Via Vintage Three Tier Display Cupcake ... Organizing your buttons like this would make it infinitely easier to find the one you need when you need it.
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Sewing Room Fabric Storage

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