23 Things Only Makeup Lovers Will Truly Understand ...

1. How You Feel when Your Contour Game is Tight AF

2. You See Having a Five Minute Window to Apply Mascara before Your Train Stop as a Personal Challenge

3. You and Your BFF Lose Your Collective Sh*t Whenever You See a Girl at the Bar Who is Pure Makeup Goals

4. When You're about to Approach a Dude and You Stop to Make Sure Your Red Lip is on Point

5. Speaking of Red Lipstick, You Know That Nothing Hides Evidence of the 'night before' like Ruby Woo or Pirate

6. You Refuse to Speak to or Be Seen by Anyone until Your Brows Have Reached Their Peak Fleekness

7. Your Reaction to People Who Say Wearing Makeup Means You're Insecure:

8. Sephora is the Motherland, Period

9. Warning: a Trip to Sephora May Induce Mindgasms and Cause Early Slayage

10. Liquid Eyeliner is the Best and Worst Thing That's Ever Happened to You

11. What a Good Day Feels like:

12. ...and What a Bad Day Feels like:

13. If Your Highlighter Isn't Visible from Space, You're Doing It Wrong

14. If Your Blush Isn't Visible from Space, You're Doing It Wrong

15. Alternatively, You Know That Subtle/minimal Makeup is Just as Sexy

16. Accurate:

17. When You Throw "ALL the THINGS!" in Your Shopping Cart and Finally Look at Your Total:

18. The Foundation of Any Friendship between Makeup Lovers Starts with Their Makeup Bag

19. Can Your Budget Really Afford a Brand New Set of NARS Brushes?

20. The Answer is No but You Get Them Anyway. #Priorities

21. When Someone Asks You if You'd Give up Your Makeup Because Your Boyfriend Likes You Natural

22. Don't Get Us Wrong. Going Natural (on YOUR Terms) is Sexy

23. ...but Someone Who Can do Both?

Makeup lovers, let's keep the list going! What are some of your greatest struggles and victories when it comes to your makeup game?