13 Most Romantic 😍 Movie Quotes 💭 to Dedicate to Your Special Someone 💑 ...

1. "if You're a Bird, I'm a Bird."~the Notebook

2. "but the You Who You Are Tonight is the Same You I Was in Love with Yesterday, the You I'll Be in Love with Tomorrow."~if I Stay

3. “You Had Me at Hello” ~ Jerry Maguire

4. “It Would Be a Privilege to Have My Heart Broken by You.” ~ the Fault in Our Stars

5. "You Gave Me a Forever within the Numbered Days... and I Am Grateful." ~ the Fault in Our Stars

6. “It’s like in That Moment the Whole Universe Existed Just to Bring Us Together.” ~ Serendipity

7. “You Have Bewitched Me, Body and Soul, and I Love… I Love… I Love You.” ~ Pride & Prejudice

8. “They Say when You Meet the Love of Your Life, Time Stops, and That’s True.” ~ Big Fish

9. “Choose Me. Marry Me. Let Me Make You Happy.” ~ My Best Friend’s Wedding

10. “Everything I Have Ever Done, I’ve Done for You.” ~ Great Expectations

11. “I Love You Very Much, Probably More than Anybody Could Love Another Person.” ~ 50 First Dates

12. " Give Me My Sin Again" ~ Romeo and Juliet

13. “I Wish I Had Done Everything on Earth with You” ~ the Great Gatsby

What are your favorite romantic quotes not on this list? Let us know in the comments!