Incredible Skywalks for Girls Who Are Not Scared of Heights 😯 ...

1. Be Catwoman at the CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

The EdgeWalk experience at the 1,815.4 ft tall CN Tower in Toronto is certainly a skywalk that separates boys from men - or the Catwomen among us from flocks of fluffy chicks. Stand on the outdoor observation level some 1,122 ft up in the air and peer down through the glass floor if you dare, or hang over the edge of the tower at an altitude of 1,168 ft, strapped into a harness, and dream of action hero fame in the next "Batman" movie. It's one of the best skywalks in the world.

2. Stepping into the Void at Aiguille Du Midi Skywalk, Chamonix, France

See the famous ski resort of Chamonix from a bird's eye view with the Step into the Void skywalk at Aiguille du Midi in the Mont Blanc massif in the French Alps. Standing on the glass lookout some 12,605 ft up in the air, you'll certainly be living life on the edge.

3. The Ledge Skywalk at Willis Tower, Chicago, USA

The ledge in question perches 103 floors above Wacker Drive, extending outwards from Willis (Sears) Tower. It's a bracing way to enjoy the best views of Chicago River the city has to offer!

4. Capilano Suspension Bridge and Cliffwalk, Vancouver, Canada

Clinging to the side of the cliff, you can make your way across the canyon at treetop level if walking like a crab is your thing. You could also use the 450-foot-long suspension bridge that dangles menacingly over the Capilano River, daring walkers to cross.

5. Caminito Del Rey Skywalk, near Marbella, Spain

The 8.5 km long Caminito del Rey trail crossing the El Chorro Gorge is not for the faint-hearted, and yet, in the first 4 months since the walkway reopened at the end of March 2015, some 65,000 people have already braved the cliff ledge trail barely wide enough for two toddlers to pass each other.

6. Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona, USA

Shaped like a semi-crescent rim extending 70 feet over the edge of a 2,000-foot decline to the foot of the canyon, the observation platform provides skywalkers with some of the finest vistas of Grand Canyon West. Only bald eagles and Superman enjoy better views!

7. Don't Be a Troll at Trolltunga Skjeggedal, Norway

You can forget being a tweeting troll spilling the beans to social media about scared fellow hikers refusing to step onto the tongue-shaped ledge that sits 2,300 ft above the northern side of the Ringedalsvatnet River. There's no cell reception when you finally reach the spot! The Troll's Tongue is not just a technological challenge but also a physical one. It takes a gruelling 8 to 10 hours to climb up those steep mountainsides. It's one of the best skywalks on the planet for mountain trolls to prove their mettle.

8. Haiku Stairs at O'ahu, Hawaii, USA

Although officially closed for legal and safety reasons, and despite security personnel patrolling the area, the Haiku Stairs at O'ahu are still considered one of the great challenges by hikers, who have been sneaking up to the decommissioned Navy radio tower since it closed in 1987. If you can master the 3,922 steps up to the top, you'll be able to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Ko'olau Mountain range that deserves the affectionate local title of Stairway to Heaven. Do these take your breath away or make you feel sick? Imagine the background they’d provide for selfies. Awesome!

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